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Friday, January 20, 2012


A big thank you to all who participated in my giveaway. I have gotten so many nice comments and so many new followers. Can't believe that I have almost 200 followers already. I am already thinking about my next giveaway that I will probably do in March. So the moment you have all been waiting here has arrived. The winner of my giveaway is Jennifer at Stitchin Thyme. Please email your address to me and I will ship Emma right out for you.Congratulations Jennifer. Sorry there couldn't have been more winners. Keep checking back. There will be plenty more giveaways. Some might be little spur of the moment giveaways just to see who is paying attention. lol. Until next time. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Congrats to you Jennifer.
Emma is going to have a wonderful, loving homestead!
Thank you Becky for hosting a super beautiful giveaway, Emma is going to a wonderful home.
Prim Blessings and Happy Stitching,

BumbleBeeLane said...

Congrats to Jennifer! I like to do those little spur of the moment ones too.Keeps things fun..smile..Have a great weekend!~Amy

Nancy said...

Happy Dance for Jennifer!
That is one beautiful doll you graciously offered in a give away.

Vicky said...

Congrats to Jennifer on her win! Thank you Becky for your very generous Giveaway!

Angela said...

Congrats. to Jennifer. I am sure Emma will be happy in her new home. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Jennifer Helms said...

Yippee!!!!! Thank you Becky!!

Loretta said...

Congrats Jennifer...enjoy! Have a great weekend Amy! Hugs

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Awww..that's great for Jennifer! So happy she won! Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Stay warm - Blessings

alltheseboys said...

Congrat's Jennifer!!! Katie

Teresa said...

Congrats to Jennifer, wish Emma was coming to visit me.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

TheRustyThimble said...

Congrats to Jennifer on winning

I love your giveaways Becky

Have a wonderful weekend

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations to Jennifer on very sweet win! And Miss Becky - thank you for hostessing such a lovely giveaway. Emma is positively adorable! Stay warm!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Thanks for a great giveaway, Becky.
Congratulations, Jennifer. Enjoy
your dolly.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Congratulations to Jennifer...I was just on her site and saw she won.
Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

Sheila said...

Congratulations on the win Jennifer!
Awesome giveaway Becky, thanks for the chance to enter.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jennifer Helms said...

Thank you gals!! I am so happy! Thank you again Becky!!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Congratulations to Jennifer, and many thanks to Becky for being so sweet and generous.


Heidi said...

How exciting Jennifer, way to go! Its very nice of Becky to do this, so generous.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jennifer on her win. Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway. I am sure she will enjoy her.
Country at heart

Firecracker Kid said...

Congratulations to Jennifer! Thanks to the hostess :-) I always wish I could gift everyone too.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Congratulations Jennifer!!!
Your a lucky gal ~ such a sweet giveaway win!
Thanks Becky for hosting an awesome giveaway!!!
Prim Blessings

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Congratulations to Jennifer and thanks for a lovely giveaway Becky!

Prims By The Water said...

Congrats goes out to Jennifer! Double thank you's for havinf such a wonderful giveaway Becky! Tak care and stay warm, Janice

Prim2Pink said...

Congrats to Jennifer!!

Barb said...

First Thank you Becky for the fabulous giveaway.
Congratulations to Jennifer!!!

Fran. said...

Blessings to Jennifer!! She's a lucky lady!!! I love your banner!! Is that a pic from your head. Take care, XO Fran.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Congratulations to Jennifer!

Angie Berry said...

Congratulations Jennifer!!

Thank you Becky for such a wonderful giveaway!