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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Once again it is snowing outside, so instead of taking more snow pictures I thought I would take pictures of springy things inside today since it's my birthday.
Although these are fake, they really brighten up the kitchen.
Yes, these are real Hyacinths. My youngest daughter gave them to me for my birthday. They are so pretty and smell so good.
This is a McCall's bunny I made a few years ago and tulips I made many, many years ago.
Here's a shelf with one of my favorite bunnies that I made.
This is a photo of our first cat. His name was Simba. He was so pretty and always liked being in the middle of everything when I worked on my crafts. On my birthday two years ago, we had to make the awful decision of having him put to sleep. His heart was giving out and he couldn't breath good anymore. He lived a good life. We had him for many years. I will always remember him. Twenty-six years ago, also on my birthday, my father passed away. He also had a bad heart. He lived a good life. You could always find in in the garden, either planting, weeding or harvesting vegetables. I helped him from little on. He loved flowers too. I think that's where I get my love of flowers as you can see from all the flower pictures on this blog. I think my best memory of my dad is of him working in the garden.