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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Seems like everyone is ready for spring but there is lots of snow here yet. Can't wait to see our backyard come to life when the snow finally melts. Here are some spring photos from other years that I hope everyone will enjoy and hope that they brighten your day.
This is our Flowering Crab tree. Isn't it gorgeous?
This Spurge is so pretty and smells wonderful.
Bleeding Hearts. They are so graceful.
Don't you just love the smell of Lilies of the Valley?
The flowers on Lungwart are so dainty and I love the speckled leaves.
This little guy is so cute on my wooden tulip.


Green Creek Primitives said...

Oh my what beautifull flowers, I really like the lungwart with the speckled leaves, I have never grown them. And the frog is the cutest, don't you just love finding them in the garden with the little lizards. Thanks for sharing your garden. Vicky

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful pics~ Sure cheered me up!
Love the crabapple~ so big~ so pretty!

Mindy/Raymond Homestead said...

Nice pictures, I like the one with the wooden tulip!

rockriverstitches said...

Enjoyed my visit to your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! You have a lot of the same flowers that I have. Love that picture of that little froggie on your wooden tulip!! Love Love your old wheelbarrow filled with flowers!!!


Angie Berry said...

Your flowering crab tree is gorgeous along with the rest of your flowers! I'm sure that is a sight that is wonderful to see every single day. That frog is so cute and looks so comfortable sitting on your wooden tulip, hehe!